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Preparing Your Children for Their Flu Shots

Preparing Your Children for Their Flu Shots

Whenever you need pharmacy services in Cupertino, California, we have your back. JADE Pharmacy Inc. has a wide selection of service offerings to help ensure your good health and that of the community.

One of these services is vaccine immunization, especially during the flu season. But, having your youngsters get their shots can be challenging. Your children may be anxious to get their flu shots even though these are for their protection.

To prepare your little ones for their vaccination, you can use these tips:

  • Give a simple explanation to your children.
    Let them know the benefits of getting their flu shots, like taking an over the counter medicine, which is mainly for their protection and good health. Be firm yet calm and reassuring when you tell them that they need to do it.
  • Lessen the anxiety that your youngsters are feeling.
    In most cases, they are afraid not of the shots but the anticipation. Do not remind them constantly about vaccine day. On the day of the vaccination, allow them to bring any of their favorite items, such as a book, blanket, or a plush toy. Distract them, if need be.
  • Never give false statements nor threats.
    Do not tell your children that the shot won’t hurt. Instead, you can tell them that it may pinch a bit but will subside soon. Also, do not tell them that you will leave them or be angry at them if they do not get the shots.

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