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A Quick Guide on Getting Birth Control Prescriptions

A Quick Guide on Getting Birth Control Prescriptions

Several states allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills to consumers. One of these states is California. Through relevant laws, pharmacists can already give you a birth control prescription and dispense such pills. You do not have to visit your doctor for this matter. This works just like an over the counter medicine.

Restrictions Vary in the Different States

Keep in mind that the regulations governing birth control prescriptions may differ from one state to another. For example, there is no age limit in California if you want to get a prescription for birth control. But in Colorado, you have to be at 18 years old and above to get one.

The type of prescriptions, as well as the length of supplying such pills, will also vary. Be sure to check with your state or with your pharmacist about the restrictions.

The Need for Screening

While prescribing birth control pills is among the pharmacy services in Cupertino, California, you cannot just get one right away. You will have to go through screening first. With screening, the pharmacist can determine if taking birth control pills is safe for you. They will also tell you which pills may work in your situation and how effective they are.

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