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Common Mistakes When Taking Prescription Drugs

Common Mistakes When Taking Prescription Drugs

Taking an over the counter medicine can help ease minor symptoms and treat minor ailments. Otherwise, you will need prescribed medication.

Many people commit mistakes when taking their prescription drugs, so be sure to avoid mistakes, such as:

  • Not following your doctor’s or physician’s orders

    You need to follow all the things that your doctor instructs you to do. Otherwise, the meds may not take a full effect on your health situation. As part of pharmaceutical care in Fremont, California, a physician can also help you adhere to your meds better.

  • Skipping or stopping intake

    There are several reasons why many people skip or stop taking their meds. Some of the reasons may include financial incapability, prescription inaccessibility, among others. Some may not see any improvement in their symptoms right away. Others may also start feeling better so they think they do not need to finish their meds.

    Do not follow them. Keep taking your meds as directed.

  • Not informing your care team about changes in your health

    These changes may be due to your meds. The doctor needs to know what these changes are to decide whether to lower dosages or change prescriptions.

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